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the Masterfil® Reusable Fabric Filter.

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Envelope Video

Learn how to filter using Masterfil® filters

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Paper vs. Masterfil®
Review the difference between the two media types

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Oil Study

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Armadillo® Overview
Learn about the benefits and product details

Assembling the Armadillo®
For 60, 90 or 120lb machines

How To Install Filter
Detailed video to install Masterfil® filter 

Troubleshooting the Armadillo®
Possible issues explained in short video

Boiling Out Fryer
Easy demo on how to correctly boil out

How to Filter a Fryer
Using Masterfil® filters

Cleaning Filter Machine
Ensuring a long life for machine

Filting a Fryer
Easy to follow demo video

Filtering Henny Penny
For Chick-fil-A customers using Masterfil®

Welcome & Overview
Company look at full product line and benefits